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Investors Premium Account

Investments are welcomed from members and non-members who want to own a high net worth account with us. This is one way you plan to save cash on a long term while it brings you good returns. [content_control role=”administrator, cooperators”] Your investment of at least N50, 000, 000 for one year or more earns you 12 % interest. Liquidation before maturity attracts 50% on accrued interest.[/content_control]

Here is a unique package for high net worth non members who wish to invest funds with the cooperative at a competitive rate. We are ready to work with you at your level to grow the value of your income. Putting your money in the Investors Premium Account gives you access to a unique benefit.

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What you should know:
  • Investment type is fixed deposit.
  • Tenor is 360 days (Lock in period of 1 year).
  • Minimum amount for Investors Premium Account is N50,000,000.
  • Interest rate is 12% per annum.
  • Pre-liquidation penalty charge is 50% on the interest accrued.